How to Turn Off Location on BeReal

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you may want to turn off your location on the BeReal app. Fortunately, it’s a straightforward process that won’t take you more than a few seconds. In this article, I’ll explain how to turn off location on BeReal.

To start, open the BeReal app on your phone and go to your profile by tapping the “Profile” icon at the bottom right of the screen. Once you’re on your profile, tap on the “Settings” gear at the top right of the screen. This will take you to the app’s settings menu.

You’ll see a “Location” option in the app’s settings menu. Tap on it, and you’ll be taken to the location settings page. You can turn off your location entirely by toggling off the “Location Services” button. Alternatively, you can only share your location when using the app by selecting the “While Using the App” option. That’s it! You have successfully turned off your location on BeReal.

How To Turn Off Location On BeReal

BeReal is a social media platform that allows users to share their location with friends and family. While this feature can be a great way to keep in touch, it can also raise privacy concerns. Fortunately, disabling location services on BeReal is a straightforward process that can help protect your privacy.

Here’s how to turn off location on BeReal:

  1. Open your BeReal app: The blue “B” icon on a white background.
  2. Tap the profile icon: This is located in the bottom right corner of the screen and looks like a person’s silhouette.
  3. Select “Settings”: This will take you to the app’s settings menu.
  4. Tap “Location”: This option is listed under the “Privacy” section.
  5. Turn off location sharing: Simply toggle the switch to “Off” to disable location sharing on BeReal.

Once you’ve turned off location sharing, your friends and family can no longer see your current location on the app. Remember that this change will only affect BeReal – your phone’s other apps and services may still be able to see your location if they enable location services.

In conclusion, disabling location services on BeReal is a simple process that can help protect your privacy while using this social media app. So, if you’re concerned about sharing your location with others on BeReal, follow these steps to turn off location sharing today.

Privacy Concerns with Sharing Your Location


Sharing your location on a social media platform or an app can be pretty handy to let your friends or family know where you are, but it can raise privacy concerns. Here, I’ll explain some concerns about sharing your location on bereal.

Location tracking

Sharing your location may result in unwanted surveillance and tracking, risking your privacy. For instance, if you publish your location regularly on bereal, a third party with malicious intent could learn your travel routines and habits, making you vulnerable to physical attacks and theft.

Data collection and storage

When you share your location on bereal, the app stores it and other data on its servers. Although being able to track down the previous locations may aid in providing a better service, it can also create a comprehensive data profile which might compromise your privacy.

Social Engineering risks

Sharing your location might also increase the risk of social engineering attacks. With access to the information about where you are at any given time, scammers can craft sophisticated attacks customized to seem legitimate, such as sending unsolicited messages or infiltrating your email or other accounts.


While sharing location has its benefits, it’s essential to understand the potential privacy risks that come with it. Being aware of these risks, you might consider turning off location sharing on bereal for privacy reasons. Here’s how to turn off location on bereal: [insert steps here].

If you’re concerned about sharing your location on BeReal, you’ll be happy to know there are alternative ways to use this app without revealing your whereabouts. Here are some easy steps on how to turn off location on BeReal:

  1. Disable Location Services: You can turn off location services on your device. By doing so, BeReal won’t be able to access your location data. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services on an iPhone, and toggle it off. On Android, go to Settings > Location, and switch it off.
  2. Turn off BeReal’s Location Access: You have full control over which apps use your location information on your smartphone. To disable BeReal’s location access, go to the app’s settings and switch off the Location option. Note that certain app features might not be available if you turn off location access.
  3. Use BeReal in Invisible Mode: BeReal has an “Invisible Mode,” which makes you invisible to anyone on the app. This feature allows you to use the app without revealing your location to others. To enable Invisible Mode, go to your profile, select “Settings,” and turn on the “Invisible Mode” option.
  4. Use a VPN: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can mask your IP address and location. Using a VPN, BeReal won’t be able to access your real location. You can download VPN apps from your device’s app store.

Following these simple steps, you can use BeReal without sharing your location information. However, turning off location services may also affect other apps that use your location data.


Overall, turning off location on Bereal is a straightforward process. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your privacy and security remain intact while using the app. Let’s recap the steps:

  1. Open the Bereal app and navigate to the “Settings” tab in the bottom right corner.
  2. Scroll down to the “Privacy” option.
  3. Tap the “Location Services” toggle to turn off the app’s access to your location.

It’s important to note that while turning off location services on Bereal may limit certain features, such as the ability to see nearby events, it can still provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience. If you ever change your mind and wish to reactivate location services, follow the same steps and toggle the option back on.

We hope this article has helped guide you on how to turn off location on Bereal. As always, maintaining your privacy and security online should be a top priority and taking simple steps like this can go a long way in achieving that goal.